Vh1 Supersonic 2013 Aftermovie Released

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As soon as the Official Trailer of Vh1 Supersonic 2013 Aftermovie went up, everyone was excited and waiting for the release! The fast-moving trailer which ran through some of the best scenes of the festival had a very charismatic beginning as it built up this crazy “Goa” mood: The Sun, the Sand, the Sea Shore, the Jetski and not to forget smiling faces of thousands of fans who made the festival in its very first edition a massive success!

Nikhil Chinapa‘s emotional connection with Goa is clearly noticeable in the movie as he explains, “Goa as a place has always had the music culture since the mid 60’s.” Infact the aftermovie also features Tony McGuinness from Above & Beyond giving his insight into the EDM scene and categorically differentiating the scene in the United States which he says, has been a ‘revolution’ v/s the scene in India which he says has been an ‘evolution’.

As Pearl emphasizes on the increasing amount of dance music talent which is coming up in India, the aftermovie features intriguing visuals of almost every Indian artist who played at the festival. This certainly is a big plus point for a music brand like Vh1, as the Sr. VP at Viacomm 18,  Jaideep Singh himself  says “If you keep giving back to what your brand stands for, the brand is going to keep growing!” and we definitely agree to Mr. Singh and this is surely one of the critical factors which makes Vh1 and MTV stand out in the Music Fraternity.

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The Aftermovie sums up the fact that its just a matter of time for Vh1 Supersonic to emerge out as one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. Having successfully completed its first edition, Vh1 Supesonic have taken up the initiative of taking Dance Music to college students across India under the sub-brand of Vh1 Supersonic 101.

In case you haven’t watched the Aftermovie yet, check it out here:

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