13 Things Festival-goers Absolutely Hate

We’ve all been to the concerts, we all love them. But then, the world is not very beautiful all round, or is it?

There are a lot of things that tend to piss you off. Be it certain people or what they do at the gigs, you certainly don’t want to see them in the next gig or probably get them thrown out right then. Here’s a compilation of 13 of the most irritating things that EDM lovers hate. Let me know if you agree / disagree with anything in the comments below.

1. “Bhai paisa nahin hain”

You love the artist, you are free on that day, your friends are ready to accompany you, but then, you look into your wallet. Don’t see anything there? Maybe ask Daddy for a refill.

Expensive tickets are the start to the whole piss-off game until you come across the EDMofy giveaways. Check this space, the next time a gig is coming close to win passes for you and your friends.

2. Traffic

Ravers from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore should totally relate to this. We are so used to seeing sloth bear types cars on the roads, that they usually psych out when they don’t see them.

These guys usually take a headstart to the venue to actually reach on time. Somehow, the artists tend to reach on time. “Thank God”

3. “One glass of Beer costs 300 bucks! :O”

Well, after all the pre drinking at the parking lots, when you finally decide to enter the arena, the last thing you’d expect is to spend more on the alcohol than the entry.

This is when you’re compelled to enjoy the concert sober, unless you have a fat wallet.

Then again there’s AVB who proved we drink slower when the music is better!


4. Beer in the Air

You’d like the gig even more if it drizzles a bit. When I say drizzle, it’s water, not beer. There are these random people who, out of nowhere just splash a full glass of alcohol into the air thinking the girl behind them will find them attractive. Are they?
Nobody wants to go home smelling of alcohol, do they?

Thoda aaram se?

5. Ouch, you burnt my hand!”

You don’t go to concerts to come back with burns on the body. Smokers forget that people are around them and dance haphazardly. Little do they know that they end up burning a lot of people with their cigarettes.

Some festivals have separate smoking zones which is highly appreciate by us 🙂

This is for the smokers, smoke safe guys.

6. Mr./Ms. Sweaty-pants

You jump, you move, you sing, it’s understood, you strain your body. But, some people sweat more than the normal ones. These are the people you don’t want to be around. You think water is splashing on you from somewhere, but that might be sweat. Gross right?

12. The Long Walk(s) to the Washrooms

The walk to the washroom feels like a marathon in the parties. Sometimes you wonder why the washrooms are placed so far off. Finish with all these businesses well before the headliner starts, else miss it all.

13. Bad Remixes 

Not many times does it happen, that you don’t enjoy the music. But, on certain occasions, you like the song original, but the artists tweaks it to not match your palette. This is irritating, just sometimes.

Tell me more things that I’ve missed and you hate as a festival goer, by commenting below.

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Disclaimer: The above post is an Opinion of the Author (not and is intended to invoke humor & friendly banter among the Global EDM Community. 

What do you think?

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