6 EDM Shufflers that are winning the internet

6 EDM shufflers

1. @ecruz_n

2.  @LeuShuffle

Leticia Fernandes is an 18 year old Brazilian who loves Steve Aoki. Here’s a video of Leticia & her little brother which crossed 30k views on Instagram

3. @MaveyWavey

Mavis Everett is a Motion & Graphic Designer from Toronto who likes bouncing around.

4.  @mac__23__

Matteo Candi is a 16 year old super talented shuffler from Italy. Watch him ace the moves in a little classroom.

5.  @sofia_sofia9379

This video by Sofia_Al went viral on Instagram crossing a jaw dropping 1.6 Million Views!

6.  @abby_la_flakka

Hailing from North Carolina, Abigail Castro loves expressing EDM with footwork.

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