5 Most Hilarious Videos of the Bollywood and EDM Cocktail

Yes, EDM songs blast out of the subwoofers in every other car driving past you. And yes, bygone Bollywood songs can never wash off from our memories. So what happens you put both of these in the same can and shake them well? Our friends over at Posteries did just that and produced something phenomenal.

Watching Sunny Paaji on scenic valleys dancing to the tune of Animals (Martin Garrix) or Anil Kapoor in his bomber jacket matching steps to Blame (Calvin Harris) on foreign rooftops and traffic lights or even Sridevi spinning in her ghargra choli with Shot Me Down (David Guetta) in the background isn’t funny. It’s outright hilarious.

Go ahead. See if you can control yourself.

1. Naino Mai Sapna meets Shot Me Down (David Guetta)

Jeetendra and Sridevi are sure to tickle you. Guaranteed laugh tears.

2. Yaara O Yaara meets Animals (Martin Garrix)

Animals in itself is a masterstroke. But Sunny Deol and Karisma Kapoor just took it to a whole new level.

3. Pyar Pyar Karte Karte meets Blame (Calvin Harris)

The young and macho Anil Kapoor nails it with his costume and shake-a-leg skills. You surely can’t blame him for this!

4. Bhangra Paale meets Tsunami (DVBBS & Borgeous)

With ‘maa ka aashirvad’, Karan and Arjun show off some crazy moves under the sun. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the girls in the background too.

5. Dhal Gaya Din meets Ping Pong (Armin Van Burren)

This video is so superbly synchronised it’s hard not to imagine Ping Pong was made exactly for this dance sequence.

BollyOdd Beats revolves around the theme of mixing Bollywood dance with Western music to create such fresh and infectious video content, brought to life by Rohit Bharati. We at EDMofy caught up with Rohit a few days back and got to know his quirky inspiration behind the amazing work. Check out the full interview here .

For laughing your hearts out to all the remaining videos, go like the official Posteries Facebook page. You can also find them on Youtube with their creator Rohit Bharati.

What do you think?

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