I’m the Shahrukh Khan at Sunburn – says Shaan in his interview with us at BEVC 2015

We caught up with Indian popular DJ, Shaan Singh after his set at the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival and asked him about his plans for the forthcoming year, what his fans can expect from him, & also how fame has changed his life.

  • The year gone by proved to be extremely productive for you. What can your fans expect from you in 2016?

There’s plenty of stuff that I’m looking forward to in the forthcoming year. I have a couple of releases confirmed with a big label and I’m also going to go on a European tour in July, which will consist of a couple of shows in Ibiza and another popular spot.

There are hopefully going to be a lot of record label changes and a ton of new stuff which quite honestly I cannot reveal about right now at this moment in time. There’s basically a lot of big stuff in store for me and most importantly, my fans.

  • What do you think about the crowd out here at BEVC, and did you have fun playing for them?

The crowd was really amazing. They were so energetic and their response was great. Coming to your second question, I always have fun playing for my fans!

  • We spotted you with your gang of friends at Above and Beyond and that makes us ask if you miss being part of the crowd at music festivals?

Yes I most certainly miss being a part of the crowd. Like now, I can’t even walk out of this room! I miss just walking around festivals and checking stuff out. It took us about half an hour to go from the start of the mainstage to the end of it because of fans asking me for photos.

That’s something I love, the passion and affection of the fans is of utmost importance to me. But yeah I can’t be myself anymore. I’ll probably have to wear a hoodie to get through the crowd nowadays and that’s exactly the reason I have one on right now!

When I’m in Mumbai, I tend to go to the underground and techno acts with my friends more because it’s dark and nobody can see my face! Most of the times my friends tell me to go chill out and enjoy at Sunburn and I tell them that I can’t because I am the Shahrukh Khan at Sunburn!

  • Can you give us a slight insight into what your set at Sunburn Goa will be like?

My set at Sunburn is going to be huge. I’ve teamed up with Wolves to create some absolutely sick visuals for my set. I’ll be having six 3D figures of myself, a new intro and a lot of other stuff, which again, I cannot divulge right now.

  • Lastly, which are the three tracks played at the festival which you loved?

Rigi and Piros’ Knightlife, my collaboration with Sandro Silva Hooya and Zaeden’s soon to be released collaboration with Borgeous, Yesterday.

Featured image credits: Shaan Facebook Page. 

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