Hitchhiker’s guide to EDM

Doorway to EDMworld – Techno? Progressive? House? Don’t know the difference? Your Guide to EDM Genres and More!


What is EDM? (Beginner’s level)

Electronic Dance Music, the kind of music that won’t let you stay idle, that will make you jump on your feet, do a little wiggle-diggle, show off your dance moves, and feel the power of music. (Note: EDM is much more than a DJ playing in a big ass stage)

Why EDM? (Dig in deeper)

So do you like slow boring songs when you are in a party or nightclub? Want some tissues or want some dance moves? EDM is a range of different types of percussive dance music for nightclubs, parties, car rides, festivals and to rave off.

There are so many terms to feed in my head?
(You’ll love it when you know it)

EDM is not a textbook that you have to mug it up and score in your exams. EDM is something that should be in your blood if you are a raver or musicholic extrovert. If you want to turn into one then you are at the right place.

Become a hero from zero of EDM world, check out some of the awesome famous genres of EDM, so next time when you be at any EDM show, you can flaunt your knowledge of EDM along with your signature steps.

EDM Genres are here. (Step by step to reach the final destination)


It is said to be originated in 1980’s from a Chicago club ‘The Warehouse’. Do you feel the repetitive four on four beat? Feeling like you are back in time in the 80’s? The repetitive beats might sound boring but it’s chill. Earlier years music were dance based music so when you listen to House, don’t stop your feet from doing the dance step.

Sub-genres: Ghetto House, Tech House, Progressive house, Garage house, Electro House….


Emerged in Detroit in mid-late 1980’s. Techno is a mixture of African American music and Chicago House, funk and full of electro music. Wikipedia described techno as, “Stylistically, techno is generally repetitive instrumental music, oftentimes produced for use in a continuous DJ set. The central rhythmic component is most often in common time (4/4), where time is marked with a bass drum on each quarter note pulse, a backbeat played by snare or clap on the second and fourth pulses of the bar, and an open hi-hat sounding every second eighth note. The tempo tends to vary between approximately 120 to 150 beats per minute (bpm), depending on the style of techno.” Techno is strange!

Sub-genres: Detroit Techno, minimal techno, technobrega, dub techno


Developed in 1990’s in Germany. If you are listening to repetitive melodic phrases, and tempo lying between 125-150 Beats per minute, it is trance. Trance means a state of hypnotized and consciousness. And that’s what is in this music, mid-song climax, soft music  composed of percussion and beats and then bang! Give your heart a break, and some beats.

Sub-genres: Hard trance, Goa trance, Progressive trance, Vocal trance


This grew out of reggae in 1960’s and is one of the best forms of EDM. It consists predominantly of instrumental remixes, a lot of them. You feel you are listening to music composed by robots and inter-galactic species trying to bang electrical musical instruments, producing beats that take you to their world. It’s amazing, you don’t know where the music goes, you just go with it. It’s crazy and insanely beautiful and one of my favourite along with trance and techno.


Originated in 1990’s from Southern Hip Hop and characterised by its ominous and gritty lyrical content that differs on the artist. Typical trap music are based on harsh experiences, poverty, or ill-treatment. It’s sound incorporated heavy kick-drums and cinematic strings.

Sub-genres: Drill, Future bass

Feeling like a noob? ( Don’t worry)

It is completely fine if you cannot remember all of them, unless you are Hermione Granger then yes you can, but otherwise. These are name tags to make it easier to distinguish between different forms of music. These are not engraved in stones nor are they very well known about in every part of the world. New forms of music will evolve, the genre groups might widen or get narrowed up. Enjoy the music, music is freedom.

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