EDM festivals in Goa to be cancelled this year?

On Thursday, Vh1 Supersonic posted a note informing why there’s a delay in the sale of Early Bird Tickets for their annual music festival in Goa. The decision to delay got a mix response from the concert goers but the reason seems to be legit.

According to latest reports, Goa tourism Minister stated in the press that music festivals will not be allowed between December 25th to 31st in Goa after last year in December the Goa CM raised concerns about heavy traffic & security situation in Goa during peak season.


Who would it affect & How?

This decision by Goa tourism will not only affect the festivals but also the Goan economy, the locals & most importantly, the festival goers.

The EDM industry in India has exploded into a lucrative business platform and festivals around the country are on the rise.

It is no rocket science that EDM festivals generate huge income for local economies and also create job opportunities for the locals. Not just that, but it puts India on the global map.

We, the festival goers are also the ones who will face the consequences by this decision if it becomes official. EDM festivals bring us together.

If you go into the festival with an open mind and an inclusive attitude – you make some new friends, you mix with different cultures and learn about new cultures.

This decision would also hamper chances of the young blooming Indian DJs & even local Goan DJs to showcase their performance on a global stage.

The event organisers are also at a loss because missing out on the peak season in Goa will have a major impact on the sales as this is the time when most of the people from around the world and not just India come to Goa.

Vh1 Supersonic Goa 2015

The Conclusion

All said and done, we feel it won’t be fair for anyone to cancel these music festivals because there are a lot of good things that come with such festivals.

There is definitely a fix for the raised concerns over maintaining law and order with additional security arrangements, the manpower to handle such events can be outsourced.

All we can hope is that all the major stakeholders find a solution to this and not at the expenses of the dance music enthusiasts. 🙂

Read the entire note posted by Vh1 Supersonic here.

Moreover the Goa General Elections are scheduled to take place in early 2017 which further increases the uncertainty of the EDM Festivals for various reasons. What are your thoughts about this?

Do you feel the Goa Government should go out of their way to let the festivals take place in December as usual?

Comment your opinions and views and let us know.

Written by Vatsal Nandu

Digital Media Consultant. Footballer. Aspiring Entrepreneur. A Red Devil. Concert Junkie. Travel & EDM Blogger. 😎 Know more about Vatsal here: www.vatsalnandu.com

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