Undoubtedly Top 10 Highlights of Avicii’s Amazing Career

Few days ago Tim Bergling aka. Avicii announced his partial retirement from Live Performances on social media in what was a very emotional letter. Not just his fans but EDM fans from across the globe were shocked as well as upset about this news. Read the full letter.

We at EDMofy pay our tribute to one of the most mindblowing producer/DJ in a list of Top 10 Moments of Avicii’s Music Career. Enjoy!

1) The Rise of Avicii:

Tim got his breakthrough on the International Dance Scene after he released his track ‘LE7ELS’ in 2011. The track made it to the top 10 of almost all the charts in a number of countries. Not just that, many artists, DJs, producers remixed and used this track in a variety of ways.

Check out this evergreen song:


2) Avicii India Tour in 2011:

This might not be a major moment in Avicii’s career but for Indian fans, this will always be a special tour. He visited India for the first time and enthralled his fans with his breathtaking set.

Have a look at the after-movie:




3) Grammy Nominations:

Avicii received one nomination in 2012 for his collaboration with David Guetta for ‘Sunshine’ and one nomination in 2013 for ‘Levels’.


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4) #3 on DJ Mag Top 100 Poll in 2012 & 2013

Soon after the release of a number of singles and touring worldwide in 2011 and 2012, Avicii climbed the charts and got his highest ever DJ Mag ranking. Surely, the influence of the trio of Swedish House Mafia helped him go a long way.


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5) The World was woken up by ‘Wake Me Up’!

Avicii introduced “Wake Me Up!” for the first time live on stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. “Wake Me Up” peaked at number one in much of Europe and charted well in all of the English-speaking world. and broke all kind of records, not just the song but also the video. The video became one of the most viewed Dance Music videos on

Cheggit out:


6) True, The Debut Concert Tour

The True Tour was the debut concert tour Avicii, in support of his first studio album, True. The tour began on January 24, 2014, at Riverstage in Brisbane, Australia and he toured most of North America, Australia, and Europe. This followed a long line of awards and recognition for Tim.


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7) World’s Best Electronic Dance Artist in 2014

Avicii was awarded the World’s Best Electronic Dance Artist in 2014 at the WMA not just that he received 8 freaking nominations! Way to go Tim.


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8) Comeback at UMF 2015

Due to excessive touring that led to a deterioration of his health, announced that he had been strictly recommended by doctors to take ample amount of rest which led to cancellation of his Asia Tour, TomorrowWorld along with Australia’s Future Music Festival.,  Avicii made a massive comeback with his performance at UMF 2015 in Miami.


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9) The Great Collabs of Mr. Bergling

Over the years, Avicii has had hit collaborations with a number of artists, DJs, and Producers. The latest being, Hymn for the weekend with Coldplay, with Nicky Romero, Madonna and much more.


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10) ‘Taste the Feeling’ Announced as Anthem for EURO 2016

The latest single of Avicii has been selected as the official anthem of the Football tournament, EURO 2016. This isn’t the first time his song has been associated with football. Previously, his song ‘The Nights’ featured on FIFA 15 a video game.



All said and done, it’s hard to sink in the feeling that Avicii will be retiring from performing live and touring in 2016. But there’s still hope as Avicii said, “One part of me can never say never, I could be back …but I won’t be right back.”

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