10 Reasons why Delhi deserves Mad Decent Block Party rescheduled

All of the nerve wracking excitement for the Mad Decent Block Party came to a standstill for the Delhi-ites when the cancellation was proclaimed by the authorities. The much awaited event when Diplo was bringing, Mad Decent, the American record label headed by him, for the first time to India was cancelled for Delhi due to the unrest in Haryana because of the jatt riots.
This left us tormented.
The areas near NH8 and DLF Cyber Hub were highly tense and the MDBP venue was located right in the middle of all this unrest, so the event was cancelled because of possible security threats. No authority wanted this event to take place in the middle of all the unrest because Gurgaon has previously faced multiple mishaps with concerts.
The official cancellation came out around 5 in the afternoon while the event was scheduled at 4. This left people wondering whether the event would take place or get rescheduled.
However, it was announced that Diplo, along with Nucleya and Gorgon City would be performing that very night at Hype, Nehru Place, where the official after party was slated to happen.

Now, MDBP will either be rescheduled for a later date or ticket costs will be refunded as per what the organisers ( We Oji) mentioned on their Facebook page.

And we, Delhiites, are still pinning on that little hope that it gets rescheduled!

Here are a few reasons why we deserve rescheduled MDBP:

1. Dopest crowd!

Delhi for sure has the dopest crowd ever. I mean people could argue but the capital city has the most enthusiastic and badass crowd one would find in the country. Block Party would be the best reason for us to come together in large numbers!

Picture by All is Amazing

2. The announcement

Diplo did the announcement of bringing Mad Decent to India last year in Delhi itself. So, we do deserve a MDBP, don’t we?

Photo by Mitsun
Photo by @mitsun

3. Double excitement –

The excitement level of the city is rocked even higher now. The epitome of energy that’d be present at rescheduled MDBP would be worth all the wait.

Picture by All is Amazing


4. It’s more than Music!

Experiencing Major Lazer’s Live performance along with the the Lazer Girls is of course an unforgettable experience!

More than just Music!

5. Crowd from the nearby states-

Any gig happening in the city are also an attraction for the people from the neighbouring cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur etc. So, a cancelled event would be unfair to them as well because a few of them might have travelled very far that day but would have returned empty handed because of the untimely cancellation of the event.


Picture by All is Amazing



6. Disheartened Fans-

Diplo and the other artists on his team would not like their Delhi fans who have been eagerly waiting for MDBP to happen in India feel disheartened because of the last minute cancellations caused due to circumstances causing safety issues. Moreover, it harder t reconcile the last minute cancellation when we already had seen the Mumbai show’s highlights from the last night. That hurts.


7. Moreover, the conditions are better now –

As of now, the condition of the city and especially the area near the decided venue is better now so the MDBP can be rescheduled without a worry now!

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 8. Printed T-shirts and merch-

What about all the Major Lazer printed T-shirts and merchandise?

We can’t wait to wear them and be at MDBP whenever it is getting rescheduled for.

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9. Refunding not a cool option –

Refunding the tickets’ money might be an option but it would not do any justice to all the hopes people had from the much awaited gig. Rescheduling it as soon as possible is what we all are wishing for as of now.


10. Crammed up lyrics!

What about all the people who crammed all the lyrics to every song Major Lazer was going to play that night!? What about Lean ON! Damn, we sure need a rescheduled MDBP asap!

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We surely deserve a rescheduled Mad Decent Block Party asap!

Let us pin on the little hope that the authorities would take some action real soon.

Disclaimer: We at EDMofy totally understand the event was cancelled due to unavoidable reasons but really wish & hope that the organisers can reschedule the Gig for the Delhi fans. (Plus, we would love to catch up with Diplo once again 😉 )

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