10 ways Indians react to Major Lazer performing at Mad Decent block party India this weekend!!

Major Lazer toured India in December 2014, the producer, Thomas Wesley Pentz, had already hinted their return to India in September last year. Not only are they returning to India, Pentz is bringing his very own Mad Decent Block Party to three cities – Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai from 19th to 21st this February for the first time ever. The tour takes place as part of electronica festival Sunburn’s 10th anniversary celebrations, co-presented by Sunburn Arena and Oji. Indians, as usual, have outlandish reactions on the gig this weekend! Some bizarre ones are listed below –

1. “Let me Google!

The ones who Google at the speed of light have their innate in scouting every detail about the artist whatsoever! They hear someone talking about an artist/band coming to their city and they promptly want to know everything about them, and so here comes Google to the rescue.

Who is..Major.?

2. “I am a fan bruh!

Then we have the wake-from-the-dead-out-of-nowhere Major Lazer fan who becomes the biggest fan overnight and swanks about his happiness to his friends so everybody would know that he’s just another congenial liar.

images (2)
So a real fan! Really?

3. YouTube! 

Then there are the ones who are dedicated enough to YouTube all their songs along with the lyrics so that they can sing-along all that is played at the concert night!

“Nevermind..I’ll get it right the next time..”


4. “But wait, Who Is MAJOR LAZER??

“I’ll go to the gig at the end of the week but who is the artist performing?” Yes, these are the kind that annoy us because we have not booked our tickets yet and they obviously don’t know who the artist is! Life is unfair, I know.

Umm well..

5. Time to collect all the Major Lazer merchandise available on the internet!

Of course, they want to look like they’ve been waiting for that night forever! All decked up for the big gig, yo.

Ain’t nobody messin’ with my clique!

6. “I just want to brag…”

We all have known that person who only buys a ticket to be at a music festival so that that they can brag about it to each-and-every person they meet for the next few months and ALSO, try to act all cool about it with that dorky face.

images (1).jpg
‘I don’t want to..but…’

7. “Let me tweet/ post a facebook status/ instagram a picture..” 

about how happy they are to being finally able to see the artist/band performing live. It won’t be fun unless everyone knows about it in advance Perhaps, lifetime goals. *insert heart-eye-emoji*

download (1).jpg
Everyone should know.

8. “What excuse would I make to my mom?”

We have that one person who always is terrified about taking permissions from their mom. So, they hit you up with phone calls and texts asking what excuse should they make this time. Well, big babies can be found at every age.

images (3)
But I’m a big boy.

9. “Bhai, maal hai?

For all our stoners this might be a place where they would crash after / before getting high
For all the single guys who team up & stare at us, girls – this sentence has a complete different meaning. But seriously guys if you see any girls around give them some space & respect.

10.  LEAN ON!

And for the 90.09 percent of our Indian population, the first thought in their mind when they hear Major Lazer is coming this weekend is – “..that Lean On guys?? Damn…!”

Mayjah Leyzah

We know you are more than just “Lean On!”, Major Lazer, but sorry some of our peeps would only know you by that.

But, of course, there are many who are not in the above mentioned categories and are getting all ready to out their dance shoes on for The Mad Decent Block Party happening this weekend.

Happy weekend y’all!

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Image source: www.pinterest.com

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