Hardwell’s World’s Biggest Guestlist Official Aftermovie is out & its amazing!

Dutch house producer Hardwell had aimed to break the Guinness World Record for “World’s Biggest Guestlist” at a December 13th show in Mumbai, India, granting fans free access via his personal guest list. The concert also doubled as a springboard for Hardwell’s newly established charity project, the United We Are Foundation – named after his debut LP, United We Are.

Created as a way to ‘give something back’ to the children of the world, the United We Are Foundation is a charity project that Anna Agency CEO Anna Knaup says ‘is a globally ambitious endeavour to educate young children in different communities around the world’.

First launching in India and then travelling to different countries around the globe, the United We Are Foundation in association with United Welfare Trust will undertake in an international development agenda that will aim to deliver a ‘magic bus‘ educational programme to children in India.

Shailendra Singh along with DJ Hardwell at Magic Bus Charity Event
Shailendra Singh along with DJ Hardwell at Magic Bus Charity Event

India’s leading welfare trust for social cause awareness, founded and run by Shailendra Singh, United Welfare Trust, joined hands with Hardwell and Anna Agency’s United We Are foundation, to create a social difference unlike any other in recent years, through their collective love of dance music. With a primary objective to unite the world of electronic music in order to make a real difference starting with India, bringing Indian children out of poverty by nurturing them on a journey from childhood to livelihood.

Today, Hardwell released the official aftermovie of Hardwell World’s Biggest Guestlist and it was pretty amazing!


In the video, Hardwell says that the whole idea of this charity show came during his first I AM HARDWELL tour in India when he was driving to the festival site and saw homeless kids seeking shelter under the concert billboard as it was raining. That’s when he promised himself that the next time he was coming to India with the show he would give something back and World’s Biggest Guestlist came into picture.

With over 125,000 fans registering for the opportunity to attend this historic event and to be a part of creating a brighter future for thousands of children, the concert billed as the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List’ sparked a revolution in live entertainment in India, as over 10 million fans tuned in via the Hotstar livestream from nearly 80 countries around the globe – all showing support for what was a pivotal moment in contemporary dance music. The underlining impact of this large-scale show was also highlighted by the Indian national press as a ‘great source of pride for the country’ and further captured the minds of many millions to detail a very important and crucial subject matter.

Hardwell World's Biggest Guestlist

Featuring highlights from Hardwell’s incredible set alongside words from United Welfare Trust founder Shailendra Singh and Anna Agency CEO Anna Knaup, the aftermovie is the perfect way to remember this landmark achievement, beautifully summarising the night with a series of incredible aerial shots, crowd testimonies and the numerous moments of spectacle.

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