10 Essential Items that you shouldn’t forget for an EDM Festival

The festival season is finally here! With blistering line ups and gigantic productions value, the music festivals are waiting for you. We are sure that you are besieged with excitement and ready to have fun but in in this frenzy let’s not forget that you are preparing to spend days and nights dancing under any condition. Any condition.

So, we would like to remind you of some of the essential items that you should not forget to bring with you.

1)Water Bottle

Drink Water, hydration is extremely important. There will be drinks for sale but it’s a good idea to bring along a refillable bottle because there will also be a water supply that you can probably use for free.

2) Comfy Shoes

Festivals involve a lot of walking and being able to walk long distances comfortably is key to having a great experience at a festival. So choose wisely

3) Earplugs

Music festivals employ state of art amplifiers and raving next to them without ear protection is ill advised. Earplugs provide a nice level of hearing protection without feeling like you’re missing the live sound experience of the show.

4) First Aid

Be ready for small accidents, carry some bandaids, sterile wipes and painkillers.

5) Portable charger

Your phone is your life, capture and record the beautiful moments in the festival without the fear of low battery. Portable chargers are small, easy to carry and efficient.  (Write down the phone numbers of everyone in your group of friends and tuck it in your pocket just in case)

6) Fanny Pack

The best way to carry all this stuff is a fanny pack. Though, it’s a little old school but it’s quite small and comfortable.

7) Shazam

Have you ever wasted an eternity to get hold of a song that you developed a likening during a music festival? If yes then, let’s not repeat that routine. Download Shazam, a music app where you can record your favourite tune and get instant details about the song and artist.

8) Plastic bags

You can use them to sit on, to keep stuff dry. They are also essential in handling your wet and muddy clothes. (Don’t forget to take them back)

9) Flash light

A small flashlight will be essential for navigating in the night. E.g.-Finding your tent in the dark

10) Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Sun protection for an outdoor festival should be a no-brainer. Tans are cool, sun damage is not.

cat sexy cool sunglasses love it

Finally, don’t forget to share and care. You’re all there to enjoy the music and have a good time, so why not look out for one another while you’re at it? Have Fun !!

Featured Image Source: Rudgr.com

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