Nyex Beach Club,Goa to host Ministry Of Sound for NYE 2016!

Goa is set to witness yet another international record label in the form of Ministry Of Sound. MOS in conjunction with The Gallery is set to enthrall all the experienced ravers, Old-House gunners, hip-hop, RnB and Chill-Fans here in Goa this NYE 2016. MOS had last visited Goa in August 2012, as a part of it’s world tour.

club nyex
Nyex Beach Club, Anjuna in all it’s glory

The NYE 2016 event is set to be hosted at India’s largest beach-club , Club Nyex, located at Anjuna; the club that’s renowned for having a humongous number of four dance floors, each located on a different floor. We can only hope they have each floor playing a distinct genre, the kind of diversity MOS boasts of. Here’s a tiny description of the venue hosting this mega-event. Trust us, the choice of venue for the event couldn’t have been more perfect. As per the listings on the MOS website, DJ Gavyn Mytchel has been confirmed thus far.

Closer Look at the Nyex Beach Club
Closer Look at the Nyex Beach Club, Anjuna

For the benefit of all those new to the scene, Ministry of Sound started out as a nightclub in U.K and has since diversified into a multimedia entertainment business, an independent record label and hosts worldwide events . They also have a pretty informative base of articles; here’s one explaining subtle differences within the trance genre.


Goa Gig after 8 long years!
Goa Gig after ages!

For more detailed on the club and the event, you can check this FB event page.

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Written by Mevlon Teles

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