Above and Beyond mesmerize the Indian crowds at Vh1 Supersonic Arcade

Bangalore didn’t have Blue Skies on November the 29th, 2015 , thanks to some almost-inclement weather. Hey, but then you You Got To Go Believe and Got To Go when the subject of interest is someone of the stature of Above and Beyond playing at VH1 Supersonic Arcade!


Life is made of small moments like these!
Life is made of small moments like these!

The proceedings began with the Scottish producer, Grum taking over the stage and gradually progressing through the set with his signature Prog Trance/Prog House style. Grum isn’t exactly a new face.He has been a regular feature on Above and Beyond’s podcast, ABGT , with his musical style being compared to that of Daft Punk. Clearly, we’re not the only folks Counting Down The Days to VH1 Supersonic’s flagship Goa festival!


The crowd absolutely lost it when it was Above and Beyond’s time to take stage. As has been a quintessential part of every concert of Above and Beyond that’s ever happened, this one was no different : Every track played by them was accompanied either with stunning and captivating lighting or with stunning visuals (that you wouldn’t find in any of their YouTube versions) or with lyrics that resonated in sync with those of your hearts most innate desires.

Push The Button! Pic Ctedits - VH1 Supersonic FB page
Push The Button!

No marks for guessing the tracks they played. They played quite a few tracks from their latest album. Also, a few tracks from the TATW era made their presence felt like Silence by Delirium, Sun In Your Eyes just to name a few.

Now with the metro chapter of VH1 Supersonic done and dusted, it’s high time we all started Making Plans for the Goa chapter of VH1 Supersonic this December 2015 to be held On The Beaches of Candolim.

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Picture Credits – Vh1 Supersonic Facebook Page & Mayank Nagori


Written by Mevlon Teles

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