Blood For Mercy – Album Review

Run the trap

Yellow Claw, a Dutch trio, have made a huge splash in the world of EDM with chart-topping trap releases and impressionable performances. Their music pushes boundaries, crosses over the norm, and generally… it’s loud as hell. Their highly anticipated debut album ‘Blood For Mercy’, which they have been teasing from 2014, is finally out (a Bloody painful wait)!! It comprises of 16 tracks.

Here’s a comprehensive track by track review:


The album opens with ‘Roller’ with Eyelar on vocals. A stellar voice and a monstrous hook gives the album an impressive start, bass lovers are bound to adulate this masterpiece. Yellow claw are known for their phenomenal drops and the album is full with such high energetic and memory impinging drops, ‘Higher’ being one such track. Personally, I dig the Bonnie & Clyde inspired track ‘For the thrill’ which has great vibes to it and a dark energy it to it. Becky G on the vocals is amazing, though a hardstyle remix is bound to blow this track. Next in line is ‘Nightmare’, a track high on energy the hardstyle-trap hook is on fire. Pusha T literally pushes the track to its limit.


‘Lifetime’ – The collaboration with the legendary Tiesto is too good. The hook is magnetic and this is one of the highlight tracks where we get everything Yellow claw has to offer, a total trap song. The edgy drop just blows us away. ‘Catch me’ caught me by surprise. The collaboration with the dubstep legend, Flux Pavilion, who lends his synths for this hell of a track was just pure adrenaline and left me wanting for more. Some generic trap songs such as ‘In My Room’, ‘We Made It’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ are very similar to their earlier tracks but can easily become club bangers. The trap group also shows us their ability to mash songs from different genres and shows diversity with tracks like ‘Feel it’, ‘Drowning in Champagne’ and ‘Wild Mustang’ combining genres like tropical house, deep house with some dancehall elements.


As a lover of minimalistic drops ‘Sin City’ is eargasm. The track released a few weeks ago has a ridiculously amazing first drop. It’s really hard to pinpoint this song as it has elements from all genres like bass, DnB, moombah (Do check out the pretty wild music video). After reviewing the album I came to this conclusion that vocals selection by Yellow Claw is just pure genius, for example look at ‘Bun it up’, the tension created by the vocalist fits the drop perfectly creating a heavier trapstep track.


The last time Yellow Claw collaborated with Kalibwoy they gave us one of their best tracks ‘Legends’. After watching the playlist I was stoked to see them back at it again for the track ‘Ride or die’. However I was a bit disappointed with this track, which is very similar to ‘Legends’, but falls flat and is unconvincing. After the success of Kaolo part 1 & part 2, Kaolo Part 3 was one of the most highly anticipated tracks of the album. This track has the fans divided whether it’s as good as its predecessors, personally I love this monster track.


The group has shown quite a lot of diversity and creativity with their debut album. With amazing collaborations and tracks like Roller, Lifetime and Catch me, Blood For Mercy is one of the serious contenders for the best trap album of the year. The way the group has progressed over the years it won’t be long before we can declare them as the new TRAP GODS.

Do yourself a favour and get this album.


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