10 of the Most EPIC Afrojack Moments 

We’ve all known Afrojack as one of the best DJ’s in the world but have you ever seen a fun and crazy side of him? Afrojack has always had his moments of madness and here are the best of them;

1. When Afrojack ‘ambushed’ Axwell and Ingrosso during their super set at Ultra Japan!


2. When he actually went on to play at the Great Wall Of China for the Great Wall Music Festival!

Simply goes on to show what a world-wide fan following he’s got.

3. This one time when he called a fan up to the stage simply because he was holding up a cool sign!

He not only called him onto the stage, but also took pictures with him! Don’t you just wish that was you?

4. When he went along to party with Snoop at Amsterdam!


5. When he went crowd surfing at Wet Republic Las Vegas! If only I was there..

6. When he publicly congratulated this couple for getting engaged at EDC Las Vegas, when his composition ‘Keep Our Love Alive’ was playing. He even went on to post the video snippet onto his Facebook page!



7. When he played at Sunburn Goa and said he loved India! Now that’s something that we Indians simply loved to hear, didn’t we?


8. That one time when the crowd went simply berserk for this drop at Ultra Bueno Aires! The crowd looks simply electrifying!


9. When he filmed himself singing along with the massive crowd during his set at the Sky City Festival in his hometown, Amsterdam!


10. And perhaps the best for last! When he got the whole crowd to sit down, just to jump back up when the bass dropped! Damn, what a moment!

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