7 Sick Tracks to introduce you to Drum & Bass

From its emergence in the English hardcore rave scene of 1991-2, the music that came to be known as Drum ’n’ Bass evolved at such a pace that by the late 1990s it stood as one of the most energetic and influential of the post-house music. Characterized by ferociously complex digitized drum patterns and synthetically treated booming bass lines, it bore the traces of UK hip hop, combined with the electronic assault-tactics of European and US techno. Drum and bass had a primary influence on dubstep and a lot of other genres. Since the mid 1990’s Drum & Bass has been around, first mostly underground and more recently in the public mainstream.

Here are some of our favorite DnB tracks

  • Major Lazer – Get Free (Ft. Amber Coffman) (Andy C Remix)


  • Wilkinson – Half light


  • Netsky – Memory lane


  • Netsky -We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) (Feat Billie)


  • DJ Fresh – gold dust


  • Noisia – Machine Gun (16Bit remix)


  • Pendulum- Witchcraft


Even though DnB has become a mainstream genre in other countries, Indians still have a lot of catching up to do with this genre.

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