Round 2 Of Skrillex vs Deadmau5 : Skrillex takes potshots at his former mentor

What happens when you combine a talented producer, a moody troll and social media ?

You get Deadmau5!

Deadmau5 , one of the most outspoken artists on social media , has recently impacted somebody with his words (yet again), but only this time it was old time buddy and disciple Skrillex. Although  Deadmau5 was responsible for kick-starting Skrillex’s career by helping him launch his first album ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, it seems that his own long time buddy has turned against him for valid reasons.

Here is what Skrillex tweeted on the Halloween weekend –


Skrillex first broke his silence back in August on a radio show in response to Deadmau5’s Tweet saying  “Even though I have immense respect for Deadmau5 for helping me start my career , he is an Asshole”. Its not surprising he responded this way considering Deadmau5 had mocked one of Skrillex’s biggest and most popular collaboration:



Deadmau5 seems to have taken the freedom of expression on social media to the next level. However , even with all the hate following his tweets , it still seems that Deadmau5 is more popular than Skrillex among his Internet fans according to a survey by





Deadmau5 also recently expressed his annoyance with Sunburn, and has made it clear that he will not be touring for Sunburn Goa 2015, which has disappointed many Indian fans. He however plans to return to India somewhere at the end of this year through “another promoter”. Now this comes as a shocker because he seemed quite excited after his previous India tour which was organised by Sunburn Festival itself!

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Can we expect a collaboration from both the artists any time soon? It appears not. But if you do happen to be a fan of both the artists like us , here are a few mixes that will surprise your ears 😉

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Written by Ashvij Vaidya

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