Why ‘Lean On’ won us all over

March of 2015 marks something of an explosion in the Indian dance music scene. The month also marks a skyrocketing increase in the fan base of a particular French producer. Connect the dots and you should have the image of DJ Snake donning the orange kurta and aviators, doing the iconic step of his chart topping single ‘Lean On’.

Tapping into the minds of an entire nation through one impressive track is an effort matched very rarely.

Being the dance lovers that Indians are, Lean On connected with the local vibe more through its dance video featuring desi elements such as classical dance steps, the troupe dancing tradition of Bollywood, and the Indian mahal setting where the video was filmed.

The single had India written all over it, right from the cartoonized image of Lord Ganesha on the track’s cover to the dance video being shot at ND Studios, Karjat and Kaul Heritage City, Vasai in Maharashtra.
Lean On


With another superhit single ‘Get Low‘ under his belt too, DJ Snake has finally answered in the positive for an India tour. It won’t be long now before the French producer brushes shoulders with his fans in India, making waves for yet another eccentric set.

As Indian party scenes continue featuring Lean On heavily, the genius of American EDM group Major Lazer, DJ Snake and Danish vocalist MØ transpired into wonders globally too for the trio as the Indian-influenced track became a huge commercial success.


DJ Snake, Major Lazer & MØ
MØ, DJ Snake & Major Lazer

The fame acquired by this one single track has trickled into almost every aspect of art, with dance tutorials, parodies, vines, mashups, public dance performances, auditions and countless remixes being centred about this Moombahton hit.


Here are just a few glimpses of the ‘Lean On’ wildfire that is scorching the globe:


1) Govinda adds flavour with some signature steps

2) Lean On Mashups aren’t far behind either.


3) A compilation of the best vines too.

P.S Some of them will crack you up

4) Meanwhile, in front of the Sacre Couer, Paris


5) And the best for the last, the original Lean On dance tutorial.

P.S  Watch till the very end, or you might miss some Behind The Stage scenes.


If these videos tickled your humour buds, the deadly duo of Bollywood and EDM parodies will have you in crazy fits of laughter. Check this space for more such themes.

Hope you have booked your tickets to watch Major Lazer perform live in India on the following dates:

Block Party


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