Skrillex wishes to collaborate with Yo Yo Honey Singh

The internet has been raging with posts of Skrillex’s India tour & Skrillex has literally been the most trending topic on my newsfeed for the past 2 days and I think we all know why. No one, NO ONE can say no to the electrifying, the trippy and the ever so amazing beats of Sonny Moore AKA Skrillex.

Trending across India!

Skrillex has created a storm across India, with fans finally getting a chance to see the legendary electronic music producer live in action!

The persistent question that everyone had on their minds was if Skrillex had plans of collaborating with any Indian artists, after Deadmau5 announced his collaboration with Daler Mehendi, and this is what the Bangrang hitmaker had to say;

I have heard of the artiste Yo Yo Honey Singh. I know he is blowing up right now. His stuff is pretty cool. But maybe I’ll find new artistes when I get to India and collaborate, to make a big hit.

While Honey Singh might be getting flak for his rather vulgar and poor lyrics, the thought of his desi voice rapping to Skrillex’s beats does sound super exciting! Again, India does have its share of home bred talent such as the likes of Shaan, Zaeden and Anish Sood to name a few. Could we possibly have a collaboration soon?

When Economic Times asked Skrillex, where he sees EDM going next, here’s what he said:

EDM is basically just a platform for making music; it’s not a genre. People said it was going away a couple of years ago. When kids stop using computers then I think electronic music will go away , but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. You get inspired by a tool because it gets you from point A to point B. And that’s what electronic music is.

What would that sound like? With India already becoming an EDM favored destination, could this perhaps lead to more possibilities? Can we dare to dream that this could bring the Tomorrowland festival to India? Well, we’ll simply have to sit back and wait to watch this unfold!

Interview source: Mid Day & Economic Times

Image Source: Skrillex Facebook Page

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