Interview with Dannic before he performs at Sunburn Daman this weekend!

Dannic is one of the hottest acts to have emerged from the new generation of Dutch artists breaking through in recent years. With his music remaining a staple in the sets of Tiësto, Avicii, Hardwell, Feddie Le Grand and Bingo Players, Dannic’s positions amongst his peers continues to soar.

We have been hearing Dannic right since the initial Hardwell On Air podcasts, as he slowly rose on to be a regular festival headliner.

Here’s what Dannic had to share about his future plans, as he is coming down to India for Daman‘s first ever Sunburn this weekend!

What is the most distinctive element in your music that makes your tracks stand out from everybody else’s?

The groove, for sure! I like to have the energy and the crowds jumping but the groove is at the heart of it all, that is the most important thing that sets me apart I feel.

We see a lot of new artists from Netherlands every year making it big in many genres as it seemed trance­ dominant formerly. How tough is the competition back there in your country?

There are a lot of DJs in every country, the Dutch have been so super-successful which of course makes the competition more fierce, you know? It’s a great thing though, it gives younger DJs and producers the chance to realize that anyone can do it, when they see someone that came from their town or city on the main stage of festivals. If you put in the work, anything is possible.

You have collaborated with many artists like Sick Individuals, Shermanalogy, Hardwell etc. With whom did you enjoy your work the most, could you please share an instance with our readers?

I have great memories from working on all my collaborations! I call Hardwell my brother from another mother and joining him for his Madison Square Gardens show in New York city was a career highlight for me, something I’ll never forget.

You came to India last year and played at Delhi and Mumbai. Which one was a better experience and why?

I also played at Sunburn Goa! They’re both great cities but I remember Delhi being off the hook! Kitty Su is a great venue, I can see why it made it in the Top 100 Clubs poll, the crowd had such a great energy and the staff and team were brilliant, I can’t wait to come back for Sunburn this year!

What are your expectations from this year’s DJ mag poll? Do you think it’s a an important metric to determine the success of a DJ?

You just never know with these things, my audience has given me such amazing support with my rise last year, I hope to do as well this year but knowing that my fans give me the support they do and come out to see my shows is a feeling like no other.

You have been recognised as a progressive house DJ all these years, can we expect you to venture into some new genres anytime soon?

My passion is in making the crowds dance, to feel the best and just lose themselves to the groove, I want to drive that sound a little harder but not into hardstyle territory. Experimentation is important, it’s great to try new things in your sound and with electronic and dance music it’s more accessible, but I won’t stray too far from the “Dannic sound” that gets the crowds going!

What can we expect from your upcoming track “Feel your love” where you’ve collaborated with sick individuals for a second time now?

Yes! Since “Blueprint” we’ve been wanting to jump back in the studio together and this year was the perfect time, I love working with those guys! “Feel Your Love” is a vocal-driven, pitched-up house track that I played out at Tomorrowland on the main stage this year, it had everyone grooving and will be out on Revealed and Beatport very soon!

You’re going to be a part of Sunburn Festival which is venturing into a new venue, for the first time, Daman. How excited are you ? And what do you have in store for all the fans here?

I’m so excited, I love India and Sunburn is always huge! I’m going to road-test a few new edits and of course bring some classics and tracks I’m into at the moment, I know we’re in October now but it feels like the end of Summer because this will be one of my last festivals of the season – I can’t wait to party with you all!

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