7 Reasons why you must attend the Vh1 Supersonic Arcade with Skrillex


1) It’s SKRILLEX…. Do you even need a reason?
A Multi Grammy Award winner, festival-circuit megastar, a pioneer and a visionary in the field of music. He has single handedly changed the face of EDM and brought dubstep to the mainstream. Skrillex, the prince of dubstep, has now branched out into producing future hip hop, electro , trap and all kind of music and there’s no stopping this mammoth of a star.

2) His First ever show in India
This is the news Indian fans have waiting for, the long awaited artist has finally decided to mesmerize us with some Demonic Dubstep and EDM Bangers. He will be coming this October to tour India and stopping at not one but FOUR cities.

September 19th // Singapore, Singapore @ Road to Ultra Singapore September 20th // Tokyo, Japan @ Ultra Japan September 23rd // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ KL Live September 25th // Bali, Indonesia @ Ultra Beach Bali September 26th // Manila, Philippines @ Road to Ultra Philippines September 27th // Saigon, Vietnam @ Lush September 29th // Hanoi, Vietnam @ Vibrations – Hero Club September 30th // Hong Kong @ AsiaWorld Expo October 2nd // Busan, Korea @ Club Grid October 3rd // Shanghai, China @ Storm Electronic Music Festival October 4th // Taipei, Taiwan @ Gongliao Beach October 8th // Mumbai, India @ Reliance JIO Garden October 9th // Bengaluru, India @ Supernova Arena & Convention Centre October 10th // Hyderabad, India @ Gachibowli Stadium Hockey Ground October 11th // New Delhi, India @ Huda Grounds

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3) Unreleased Music
Skrillex is one of the busiest and hardest working producers in the business. He has a seemingly endless supply of new music up his sleeve, his sets are known for their unreleased music. Expect IDs and new fresh music from his set.

4) Unstoppable Energy
Skrillex is known for his explosive energy driven head wobbling sets, nonstop with rapid-fire sample changes, monstrous bass drops and a burst of energy on the stage.’The familiar mixed with the unexpected!’ is a one of the ways of describing his live shows! His sets prime your expectation for that drop you waited for but unexpectedly, he draws it out longer and longer till you feel like you’re going to lose your mind and then DROP!

5) Visuals

Skrillex’s stage shows are a staggering visual assault made up of lasers, video screens and projections. Awe-inducing spectacle of fireworks and stage production have become synonymous with Skrillex

6) Dope Collaborations
Skrillex has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music under his personal moniker as well as with Diplo under super-duo Jack U .His smashing collaborations with Vic Mena, Justin Bieber, The doors, ASAP Rocky go on to prove his versatility as a producer.

7)  Cause We exist, and we are NOT old
Is this music I would play for my parents to convince them my generation hasn’t gone completely fucking insane? No. And that’s what’s so perfect about Skrillex-His music is almost based in its simplicity—he’s our generation’s way of saying, “Fuck it—we exist, and we are not old.”


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Sketch from the #EDMofy Digital Art Series with Sneha Yadav / Sketch It On

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