Here’s why instagram juggled around with #edm

After striking the controversy by banning “#curvy” last month, the social media giant, Instagram recently banned #edm. EDM which abbreviates to “Electronic Dance Music” was the latest hashtag to be banned by Instagram.

Instagram has been practicing this tradition of banning many hashtags and the “blacklist” is a really celebrated one. But, users slammed the company after it banned a body defining term “curvy”.#edm ban

Following this, the  ban on “#edm” came into a lot of speculation by EDM fans all over the world. This ban actually hindered the way how the fans shared content on the site, which is why it came under criticism. But, after a few days of the ban, Gabe Madway, an Instagram spokesperson, justified the ban in an email to THUMP stating:

“We block (i.e. make unsearchable) certain hashtags when they are consistently being used to share images and videos that violate our community guidelines. In this case, #EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity. We’re working on a way to more quickly restore certain hashtags that have previously been blocked. We’re also working on ways to better communicate our policies around hashtags.”

This ban had nothing to do with the Dance music scene, but it was just that some inappropriate pictures were being circulated using this hashtag. By this, even #macbook would be banned if pictures of people “smoking up” or for that matter pictures of people showing their balls were circulated using this hashtag, which basically means that Instagram has nothing against “MacBook”.


There are many more hashtags that Instagram needs to deal with , but it’s just the frequency with which #edm is used is how it caught the “watchman’s” eye. This basically proves how big the “EDM” scene has become, which is something the EDM fans should celebrate about.

However, on 7th August, 2015, the ban over the hashtag was lifted. All the prior images and memes can be found on the hashtag now.

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