Tomorrowland Unites Us All

If you strongly believe in the above, you know that there is a place for you, at Tomorrowland. The Belgian festival, which is the largest annual electronic music festival held in the world is all set to hold its 11th edition this July, and as all previous editions have proved, there is certainly a lot to look forward to!

Tomorrowland is not just another festival, it is much beyond that, it is a movement. We love to be identified as People of Tomorrow because we carry the positivity, the hope for a better future and the energy that will light up any dark turn that we take in the future.

We will make our own journey to Tomorrowland this year, and we are most certainly looking forward to the ‘Steampunk Meets Alice in Wonderland’ stage design. When they say it is going to be unreal, they definitely do show it as such!

What makes Tomorrowland tick, other than the best DJs of the world and the superior stage design? It’s the community feeling. An Israeli and a Palestinian would hug it out, only at Tomorrowland! There are no differences here on the basis of color/caste/religion or anything of the sort. Where else would you see that? Music simply unites us all.

As we look forward to all of this, it is exciting to note that in their quest for Unity, Tomorrowland is bringing ‘Unite’ to India and Mexico, and maybe (hopefully!), they’ll announce an Indian and Mexican edition for 2016, as they did with the Brasil Livestream. 🙂

The spirit of adventure lives at Tomorrowland and its language is music, music that will unite us forever.

Tomorrowland Timetable now available

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