Interview with the founder of Posteries – Rohit Bharati

Ever seen those videos on Facebook where Bollywood stars are jiving to EDM tracks? Ever wondered who was the mastermind behind these quirky mash-ups?

Meet Rohit Bharati. His page Posteries has over 36,000 fans on Facebook and his most popular video titled ‘Naino Mein Sapna meets Shot Me Down’  has crossed over forty seven thousand views! He has also been approached by the record label, Spinnin’ Records. We definitely hope that works out well for Rohit. 🙂


Tell us a little about yourself and your tastes and preferences in music.

I am a 26 year old radio head. By radio head, I mean, I’ve been in the radio industry my entire life! I’m usually inclined towards the music of Amit Trivedi and AR Rahman, and of course, like everyone else, I love retro too. I like exploring new genres of music. During my college days, I was more into hip hop because of my gang and I later started to incline towards classic rock. Now however, I’m into EDM, clearly, because of Posteries!

What inspired you to come up with these quirky videos, where you interlace Bollywood dance videos with EDM soundtracks?

Just like every other invention, this too happened, by chance. I was watching this Bollywood video (Naino Mein Sapna, don’t ask me why!) and a colleague of mine was listening to some EDM track on the speakers, and eureka! The steps matched the beats, I thought I might as well do it properly. After I edited the first video and showed it to my colleagues, they laughed hysterically! I guess that was my motivation to go ahead with this.

Your page has become a rage on Facebook and just recently hit 35,000 likes! How does it feel to have so many people appreciating your work? Did you ever expect to have such a wide fan base?

Not at all. I never expected anything of the sort. The only thing that keeps me going is the people’s response. The page is growing and so are the ‘internet thieves’. There’s always a fear of your work being stolen as you put it out there. That is why you’ll see I am very specific about my watermark. Oh and every time I get a YouTube like or a Twitter follower, I start editing my next project, it’s actually like an instant motivation for me.

Has your work gotten recognized by any of the original actors or artists in your videos?

Haha, I wish! Although it would honestly be awesome if any of them do get recognized. The issue is, I’m mocking them of sorts and they probably might not be all that cool with it. The plus side is though, that I’ve had people from Spinnin’ TV contact me!

Lastly, can you give us a sneak peek into some of the future projects of BollyOddBeats?

I’m currently working on two projects, one is Aamir Khan’s Chale Chalo song from Lagaan, which is being mixed with Eye Of The Tiger and second is Bholi Bhaali Ladki which is being mixed with Major Lazer’s Lean On.

Here is the much awaited mashup of Bholi Bhaali Ladki and Major Lazer’s Lean On which has already got over a 1,000 views!



You can view more of Rohit’s amazing work on his official Youtube Channel or on his Instagram Page. We wish Rohit all the very best with his future endeavors and hope to see many more of his ‘out of the box’ videos!

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