Tomorrowland releases a mysterious video for India

So Tomorrowland just released a video for its Indian fans on Facebook, titled

“Friends in India, Something miraculous is about to happen… Look into the mirror and prepare to UNITE. More info soon!”

If this post is to be believed, it means Tomorrowland is finally heading to India! Now how exciting does that sound!?

Watch the mysterious video here, preferably in full screen for best effects!


The brief snippet all of 10 seconds is enough to keep us guessing of the possibilities of having Tomorrowland in India! The first talks of this happening dates back to 2014, when there were rumors of the same happening. This comment by State Tourism Minister of Goa, was what caused boundless excitement among EDM lovers across the nation;

Apart from the proposal received from Percept & Supersonic (Vh1 India) to host music festivals in the month of December, we have also received a proposal of one of the most notable global music festival group, “Tomorrowland”!

Sadly though, it turned out to be a mere rumor and soon fizzled away.

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We’d reported late last year that there were serious talks of Tomorrowland coming down to Goa and it looks like we don’t have to wait for too long to have that dream come true.

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Let’s hope that things actually develop this time around and come to something conclusive. With such a craze of EDM music among Indians, I’m sure Tomorrowland cannot keep us waiting for too long now. Let’s hope for a miracle and watch the mystery unfold.

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