Major Lazer releases new album: ‘Peace is the Mission’

Electric and Reggae specialist trio Major Lazer, released their 3rd album yesterday (1st June, 2015) titled “Peace is the Mission“.

This is Major Lazer’s third album following “Free the Universe”. Major Lazer is an electronic music project created by Diplo, consisting of producers/DJs Jillionaire, Walshy Fire & Diplo himself.

The album contains 9 main tracks which are all originals with one remix of Ariana Grande’s track All of my love. The album is found to be reggae inclined with 2-3 tracks with the tropical pinch into it. The track, Powerful which features Ellie Goulding is also a part of the new album . All the tracks have their independent cover pictures, with animated superhero themed pictures.  “Roll up the Bass” is another track to look forward to for the listeners.

peace is the mission


All in all, this album sounds very promising and is a fantastic piece of work by the trio after the extensive touring they did before the release of this much anticipated album.

Give it a listen here:

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