Sony launches LED Light Bulb Speaker


So, every-time we plan to throw a party at our places, the biggest headache is to place the speakers and the lights at proper places such that it gives a perfect party feel. It is almost impossible to have lighting as per the music and the mood. The last time when my friends and I threw a party at our place, we had to switch-off the lights as listening to Zedd with 100w bulb switched-on, doesn’t quite give you the high of the music and we ended up dropping drinks and food in the dark.

Finally, Sony has introduced something that is very basic, and yet was missing from the market, a multi-purpose bulb and speaker (the LED Light Bulb Speaker). The LED Light Bulb Speaker can pair with your Bluetooth and application and the brightness as well as the volume can be controlled simultaneously through your mobile. Imagine listening to Tremors by Martin Garrix and changing the light effects as the music drops or pick-ups, wouldn’t it be insanely amazing? But then, every-thing comes at a cost, the LED Light Bulb Speaker is priced at 23,880 Yen or approximately 199 USD/127 Sterling Pounds and will be available in Japan from  the 23rd of May,2015. There are no official announcements on the India launch dates yet.

The LED Light Bulb Speaker seems to be the best bet, considering how long we have waited for a similar product. Now, there can be lights, cameras and action in your house, quite literally- you enter the house, switch on the lights, and its background music playing as well or you are taking the morning groggy bath before rushing to the office for an important presentation, and you get to hear just the perfect soothing music, all of a sudden everything starts looking more pleasant.

Written by Dhananjay

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