New ID and Markus Schossow in the mood for surprises?

NewID and Markus Schossow

With all you party goers and ravers getting head over heels behind the unbelievable Summatronic lineup, there might be some more curious magic brewing for you this summer!

Summatronic has roped in a commendable number of international artists for the inaugural year of this summer madness and two of those artists might just be upto something special.

NewID and Markus Schossow
In the Studio: NewID and Markus Schossow


As seen of Facebook, NewID is getting some studio time with Markus Schossow, and we can only feed excited that we get to groove to some fine piece of work by these two talents. Any little bit of hint would only magnify the built-up expectations and that definitely works for us headbangers 😉

Stick around for more gossip, rumours and news for this summer’s party destination: Summatronic Goa 2015!

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