The founder of Tomorrowland & TomorrowWorld resigns

Duncan Stutterheim, the founder of ID&T, the company that gave the biggest EDM festival – Tomorrowland, has announced quitting the company. Many regard Duncan as the brain behind Tomorrowland, and one the biggest factors in rise of EDM across the world over the past decade. He was also instrumental in launch of iconic festivals such as Tomorrowworld and Mysteryland Amsterdam.Duncan Stutterheim
It has struck as sad news for all the EDM lovers across the world considering his involvement in the uplift-men and progression EDM had been immense. Lately, he had been sounding more and more agitated with the increasing amount of booking and performing fees charged by top DJ’s.

In his January’15, interview to Dutch Magazing “QuoteNet” he was quoted saying,

“My public suffers. I do not pay that amount. EDM is killing the world, really. The most popular 10% receive 90% of the pie. Of course, they make music and do it well. But it must remain in balance, which is now gone. It now is about so much money, that everything has changed. It also comes at the expense of the festival experience. At those high wages remains less over for good sound, lighting and decoration. That makes festivals less attractive”.

While many might say they saw it coming, this is still going to be a big loss for world renowned properties such as Tomorowwland, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.

How they are going cope with it, we have to wait and see.

Written by Dhananjay

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