All EDM Themed Movies Coming Out This Year

Big news for all you EDM lovers out there – there are 5 movies set to be released this year completely based on the lives of your favorite DJ’s! These movies are bound to be an insight into the world of Electronic Dance Music.

If you haven’t already got enough of EDM and want some more, you should keep an eye out for these new movies;

1) We Are Your Friends

Slotted to release later this year, the Max Joseph-helmed movie throws the spotlight onto the world of EDM. Zac Efron stars as Cole, an up-and-coming EDM DJ in the film. It shows his journey as a  troubled but talented DJ who’s looking to make it big and is mentored by Wes Bentley (James) of “Hunger Games” fame.

It is believed that Zac actually got lessons from the legendary Alesso, so as to add to the authenticity of the movie.


2) Eden

Eden  is largely regarded as an “Autobiographical” film aimed at recalling the rise of the Electronic music scene in France, in the 1990’s. The movie is said to be the story of Daft Punk, how they became huge from their very humble beginnings. The story is written by DJ Sven Love, co-founder of the duo Cheers. The film extensively features scenes of house parties and underground clubs, which were a root cause behind the establishing of EDM in France. It pays homage to some of the great DJ’s that we know, most prominently Daft Punk’s own Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. We’ve even heard that Daft Punk officially agreed to the project and even  gave them the rights to use a few of their soundtracks!

Scheduled to release soon, this is one movie you simply must not miss!


3) Enter the Dangerous Mind

Enter The Dangerous Mind is a first of it’s kind EDM themed Psychological Thriller. It takes on a different angle altogether. The plot speaks about an insecure and timid DJ who makes his own dubstep mixes, as he sees them as an outlet to express himself in ways that he is otherwise incapable of achieving. The mentally unstable musician is shown going completely berserk, as he begins to obsess over the woman he has just begun dating. This movie is simply one of a kind, is the least that I can say!


4) The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion

The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion, is an upcoming documentary that will explore the transition of EDM from an underground movement to a mainstream juggernaut that has occured over the years. Electronic Dance Music’s entry into the mainstream spotlight has opened up the gates, inviting a broader acceptance of the genre as a whole. The Drop is a documentary film exploring this cultural phenomenon. From the artists to the fans, as well as the growing festival industry, The Drop will follow all aspects of the growth of a genre of music that is defining today’s generation.
For more information, simply log on to their official website.

5) Entourage

While Entourage isn’t all that EDM related, the reason that it is so hyped is not only because it’s a continuation of the TV series but also because of it’s massive number of guest appearances. It has been reported that none other than Calvin Harris was selected to play an acting role in the feature film. We’re really keen to see Calvin debut with his first acting venture! Entourage is set to release across theaters this June.

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