A website reveals the manufacturing cost of Beats Headphones

What if we tell you that something you bought for $156, does not actually cost that much? This is pretty much the case with the most sought after headphones by Beats by Dre.

They are sold for 100’s of Dollars, but with a recent research, it has been found that each cost no more than $14 to build or assemble.




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For the past years almost all the artists have been seen using equipment from this company. We hope this discovery is restricted to only the headphone genre and does not range into the other sound equipments. If it does, it shall be a great downfall for the brand which has been a major contender in the headphone/earphone scene for the past years.

It so happens that, once the cost of production of an exclusive product is out, people tend to refrain from buying such commodities because they think it is not worth it.

We shall go ahead and now see how the brand has made a powerful stand in the music industry.

This clearly is an indication of how celebrity endorsement gives a brand a major boost. Many artists have been seen promoting these products off late, be it flaunting the earphones while playing at concerts (like Skrillex in the below picture) or tweeting about them. But this discovery will surely affect the market value of Beats. It is capitalism, after all. 

Regardless of how they actually sound, Beats has managed to hold over a quarter of the headphone market. Shout out to celebrity endorsement! However the question ‘Are the headphones really worth that extra cost?’ still needs to be pondered upon.

Image Credits: Bloomberg, TechPowerup

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