Avicii And His Amazing Pedigree

Driving back from work and listening to The Nights over the radio made me think about the wide variety of music Avicii has produced since he’s ventured into the dance music scene. His talent is simply baffling at times – the ease with which he mixes up country and trance in a single track like The Nights itself, or the ease with which he picked up the beats in Levels has to be admired.

When the Swede first arrived on the electronic dance music scene with his smash hit Levels, we all knew that he was specia. His tunes were addictive, his drop and pick-up was a work of genius, and he further strengthened this claim with the alluring use of silhouettes. By then, the ‘Hey Brother‘ hitmaker had already become gargantuan stature in the dance music genre, and his name was been taken along-side legends like David Guetta, Tiesto, and Armin Van Buuren, which was a big achievement for a 21-year old.

With the launch of ‘I Could Be The One‘ in unison with Dutch prodigy Nicky Romero, he slightly altered his style of music as it was more heavy on lyrics unlike Levels which was centered around a lot of music. But he took us all by surprise with the now evergreen anthem ‘Wake Me Up’, which was a complete transition from electro to country music. For people like me, who is not a country music lover, it took me sometime to come to terms with it and after listening to the track repeatedly, one just got addicted to it.

This depicted the amazing pedigree of music that Avicii possesses, and his ability to experiment with a new genre of music is what makes the Swede different from the rest. His risqué taking ability needs to be appreciated – he knows that changing the root genre of his music might not fetch him the numero uno tag in the list of DJ’s, but he still never refrains from taking a chance and entertaining us in the process.

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Written by Dhananjay

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