Martin Garrix & Usher Collaborate For A Track Called ‘Don’t Look Down’

In the recent past, many prominent names in the pop industry like Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj have made tenacious attempts to enter the dance music scene from the mainstream pop genre. The latest addition to this ever-expanding list is Usher, whose tracks are usually borderline pop-dance yet uplifting. The Rest Of My Life hitmaker, also known for mentoring Justin Bieber in the early stages of his career was spotted entering a studio with Dutch prodigy Martin Garrix.

It is likely that Usher may have been linked up with the “Animals” producer through Scooter Braun, who handles both Bieber and Garrix’s careers.


Martin Garrix who is considered by some as a One Hit Wonder on the other side has been making huge tracks, the latest being the clinquant production Forbidden Voicesa track which exposed another dimension of the Dutchman’s plethora of production skills and promise. Garrix was recently spotted recording a track with David Guetta, another collaboration which is worth keeping a watch on. Recently, Garrix uploaded a video of him and Usher working in tandem in the studio on a track that they presumably call “Don’t Look Down”, if the caption provided by Usher is anything to go by as mentioned later in this piece.

As what can be heard from the video clip, this tracks holds to be promising with both artists looking very optimistic and energetic about it. The track released on March 17th.


The official lyrics video by the giant Rory Kramer, was released on the same date. Rory Kramer is also known for his big lyric videos of “Calvin Harris’ Summer” and many such.

Watch the lyric video right here:


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