Relive Vh1 Supersonic Goa 2014: Chapter by Chapter

Vh1 Supersonic Goa 2014

Summer has barely set in and you already feel like fast forwarding to the chilly nights of December, the starry winter skies replacing the heaviness of hot summer nights and the cool breeze brushing against your face. A feeling of bliss overlaps you. Hey wait, doesn’t that sound exactly like Vh1 Supersonic? December, dance, people, nights , music, bliss all fell into place under Vh1 Supersonic 2014, one of Asia’s biggest dance music festivals.

And what better way to relive the Vh1 Supersonic experience than have an incredible series of exclusive Vh1 Supersonic 2014 Aftermovie Chapters, lined up just so that the wait till next December becomes that much more exciting. The brainchild of Gaurav Lulla, Head of Innovation and Client Solutions at Viacom 18 and a part of Supercrew, these 7 chapters released till date, capture each of the many essences brought to life at Vh1 Supersonic 2014. Here they are:

Chapter 1: Simple Rhyme

Dedicated to the ‘Beautiful people of Vh1 Supersonic’, the first of the Aftermovie chapters, captures the subtle moments that define one’s Vh1 Supersonic experience. ‘Scribbled hearts and stolen kisses, a lazy shore and crazy sea, the whispered pinky promise to set us free’. Indeed, Simple Rhyme is all about the simple time, when simple needs and simple dreams all put together make the simple reality of Supersonic a simple treasure treasured.

Chapter 2 : Beatings of an Iron Heart

The Iron Heart, churning out steam and stirring a chemical concoction, turned the metallic gears in spectacular fashion to produce that one resounding heartbeat called Supersonic. The 2nd chapter brings you an amazing account of the making of the Iron Heart stage, right from design to the moment where the likes of Dash Berlin, Dillon Francis and Paul van Dyk brought it to life.


Chapter 3: Get Get Get Get Low

‘You guys are f***ing amazing!’ So is Dillon Francis! Day 1 of Vh1 Supersonic 2014 was literally owned by the moombahton guru, as he pumped up the sickening visuals and took the crowd into a galactic frenzy. Chapter 3 is a Dillon Francis tribute you can watch over and over again and actually feel the energy running through your veins.

Chapter 4: Footloose

Headbangers, get ready to take a look at yourselves in this 4th Aftermovie chapter! The sheer energy of thumping fists, shaking hips, moving bodies and flowing hair makes Vh1 Supersonic a regular feature on your December event calendar.

Chapter 5: Made in Techno

From Coyu to Magda and Hearthrob to Ash Roy, everyone loves techno and Supersonic going technolicious is one of the firsts for Indian music. Embracing techno on the Spectrum Stage, Supersonic 2014 was sharper, edgier and more electrifying.

Chapter 6: We Are All We Need

If anything about Vh1 Supersonic 2014 is as synonymous to ‘lasting memories’, its Above & Beyond. The trance duo carved a niche for themselves in people’s hearts last December and their music will continue to mesmerize souls for many more Supersonics to come.

Chapter 7: Earth Meets Water

‘One Love, Goa! One Love, Supersonic!’ This one line captured the feelings of all those witnessing magic take place as we all, standing where ‘earth meets water’ fell in love with this magician called Dash Berlin. Labeling his music as PDM (Powerful emotional Dance Music), Dash Berlin transcended into a Supersonic we all would love to be a part of one more time! Give it up for the artist whose music and love knows no bounds!


With these 7 Aftermovie Chapters throwing light upon the most glittering of Vh1 Supersonic 2014 scenes, stay tuned for the official aftermovie, the final piece of the jigsaw that completes last year’s magnificent phenomenon. Lose yourself in the memory lanes of Vh1 Supersonic 2014 and make dream castles for Vh1 Supersonic 2015. Puts your hands up and say

               We Are Supersonic

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