Sunburn Goa 2014 Aftermovie Trailer

Sunburn Goa 2014 once again made it look so easy, the act of hosting Asia’s largest dance music festival. And their new aftermovie trailer stands testament to that, depicting Goa in a suave and sexy look. If their enviable lineup was anything to go by, Sunburn Goa gave the crowd enough memories to look back on. Same is the case with this trailer!

The dance temple stage at Sunburn Goa 2014

The video puts together all the rich beach experiences of Goa, starting off with the light-hearted atmosphere of the evening right until the moment when the beat drops and the crowd reaches outer space. The massive stages and the creative team get a thumbs up for making those perfect scenes possible, and the free spirited crowd does its job flawlessly. All in all,the trailer does a wonderful job of catching the festival’s essence of those magical nights, and ends with a near-perfect still of why this festival lives up to its name, because if you’re not dreaming about it the next day too, then its not real! ;P And yes, if you’re still having doubts about booking tickets, you won’t after you see this.

Update: Watch the Official Sunburn Goa 2014 Aftermovie here-

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