Our Official Statement over the ‘racism row’

Earlier today it came to our notice that our 15 Annoying Things Which Indians Do At EDM Festivals article had become the subject of a ‘racial row’ initiated by The EDM Network.

The Edm Network facebook post

First of all, we at EDMofy would like to clarify that we DO NOT endorse the idea of racial discrimination in any form whatsoever and protest against any sort of racial abuse.

Secondly, the sole aim of the article written by Zaid Khan was to spread some friendly banter among the masses by bringing to their notice, incidents which are usually experienced by everybody at an EDM gig, here in India.

However, it seems that the author at EDM.com had something else in mind, and decided to blow this entire story out of proportion and term it as an act of ‘racial discrimination’. Since the inception of this website, all that we have tried to do is keep our viewers updated about the latest happenings in the EDM fraternity and bring to them opinionated pieces and satirical takes on things which usually occur at a festival.

The article in question here belongs to the second category mentioned above, but quite evidently, EDM.com didn’t get what we tried to convey, may be we were at fault and our writing skills suck, or maybe they have run out of ideas. We were accused of being ‘racist’ in our assessment and ridiculed in this piece on their website.

We would like to thank all our readers who actually got the point of this piece and supported it. There was nothing except humor which we tried to convey through our article.

Meanwhile, it looks as though EDM.com’s strategy to increase viewership went in vain as they received loads of backlash after posting their side of the story on their Facebook page. Here are a few instances –





We would like to reiterate that we believe in Peace Love Unity Respect (PLUR) and we are even of the opinion that EDM is the one thing that truly unites us, ever seen a Palestinian and Israeli dance together? You will at TomorrowLand. Thanks again for your support, our dear readers, you have been exceptionally kind.

Article by The EDM Network.

Cover Credits: Rudgr.com

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