8 Some Chords remixes you must have on your EDM playlist

All of our playlist’s have those few select songs that never get old! Good times or bad, they make for the perfect ones to play through your headphones, whether you’re on a long drive reminiscing the good ol’ times or having another one of your Friday Night parties. Hardwell’s Spaceman and Steve Aoki’s No Beef are two of those all time favourites that I’m talking about.

But let’s put one more to that list because this one’s becoming a worldwide phenomenon, or has it already? Deadmau5’s signature composition Some Chords has earned its throne on the evergreen EDM list and its staying put, for years to come! And to take things to another level, Deadmau5, teaming up with Dillon Francis, had thrown open a Beatport remix contest on this very track almost two months ago. And now, when we decided to take a look at how the remixes were shaping up, thrilled is the word I’d have to use. The sheer talent out there is remarkable, with each remix sounding literally like ‘music to the ears’.

We’ve handpicked 8 thrilling remixes for you from artists across the globe. Check them out! You’ll be spoilt for choice!


Vladimir Nagrebetskiy

This remix by Ukranian producer Vladimir Nagrebetskiy has a heavy dose of drum and bass infused into it, adding to the overall uniqueness of the track. The intro is simple yet engaging, and the sick sound mixes further on keep you stuck to it. Amazing combo!


Hailing from the Land of Gods, not to forget EDM gods Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike, Greek duo AlNi have done a fabulous job with their remix. A good drop and vogue sounds does it for them. You want to have this one on your party playlist and don’t be surprised if you’re already dancing to it.

Andrei Stephen

Toronto-resident Andrei effortlessly cooks up his remix on electro grounds. A neat build and decent synth added to the groovy track show signs of top-quality stuff from this young artist. Keep it coming! Listen here


Soothing vibes guaranteed! A good techno mix and a better drop make it the perfect track to let your hands sway in the wind. Its definitely not a surprise from the Argentinian producer Gerva; the remix resonates of South American beauty!


Putting the drummer in him to utmost use in this remix, SoundIsRed merges the electronic sounds and drum beats to fit the tempo of the original track. This progressive track offers you fresh EDM sounds and relatively unique material for a remix. You’ll love it!


Raging electro feels and a strong build up to the end define this remix. Croatian producer Zetich gives it a good shot, with a purposeful intro and engaging sounds. 


This track instantly gets you grooving, be it the intro, the electro sounds or the synth! Suken from Lyon, France beautifully remixes Some Chords with an excellent drop. Must hear!


For someone whose love for Some Chords knows no bounds, Italian producer Ilyass Abbadi has almost made a tribute to this famous deadmau5 track. Melodious and addictive, this is one remix you should have on your playlist!


The above list is another reason why global talent is at its peak in the EDM arena, and with internationally-acclaimed tracks like Some Chords giving upcoming producers a shot at worldwide fame, you definitely want to know who emerges the winner in this mega contest. Brace yourself for what’s coming next, for this is any DJ’s ultimate dream.

The winner of the Some Chords Beatport Remix contest earns a remix release by mau5trap, being released on Beatport in addition to a host of other goodies whose net market value is worth $4427. 

February 24th will be the big day when the winner is announced, with the judging taking place till the 23rd. For further details about the contest, check out our earlier post here

Image Credits: www.pinterest.com

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