15 Annoying Things Indians Do At EDM Festivals

Generally, the level of excitement before attending your favorite artist’s gig is altitudinous. You conceptualize yourself having an insane time, grooving to the tunes being played by the headliner and relishing each and every beat of sound coming your way. However, sometimes, there are a few klutzy and lumbering moments which crop up at a relatively untimely phase during the course of your delectation. Here in this article, we have made an effort to congregate such awkward, annoying yet incredibly hilarious moments and things we experience while attending an EDM concert!

#1 Some people jumping expeditiously way before the actual ‘drop’.

As improbable as it may sound, this actually happens sometimes. And trust us, it’s absolutely hilarious!


#2 Aggravating ‘Selfie Stick’ interventions.

Envisage yourself having a candid chat with a friend about how awesome the gig is and discussing the quality of music on display and suddenly a foolish person interrupts your discussion with a ‘Selfie’ intervention. Need we say more?

giphy (1)

#3 Comparing a Blasterjaxx kick to a Nasik Dhol.



#4 Shouting their lungs out, singing ‘Aeeeeh Ooooh, Aeeeeh Ooooh’

Are we hooligans?!

giphy (2)

#5 Chicks closing their eyes and running their hands through their hair as if they’re feeling it!

Girls acting as if they’re aroused by the music and transcended into another world.

giphy (3)


#6 Guys getting drunk without actually knowing what alcohol they’re consuming.

Let’s get drunk! We’ve come for an EDM gig!

giphy (4)

#7 Smuggling whiskey and vodka bottles inside the venue.

What if we run out of cash and can’t buy alcohol inside? Let’s take some!

giphy (15)

#8 Put on an insanely fake accent.

So funny that you can’t make out what they’re trying to say.

giphy (6)

#9 Shouting ‘Aye Baap Kya Drop Hai’!

Heights of bullshit..

giphy (7)

#10 Deliberately speaking in English throughout the gig.

Even though they actually suck at it.

giphy (8)

#11 Going for the gig just to harp about it to others.

Arre! Main toh Sunburn ke liye gaya tha!

giphy (9)

#12 Singing only when the DJ play’s a ridiculously mainstream track.

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child!

giphy (10)


#13 Random people walking up to you and asking for lighters.

Have a lighter bro?

giphy (11)


#14 Start criticizing the artist.

Especially if he’s an Indian..

giphy (12)

#15 People dying to reach the front row.

So that they feature in the respective festival’s album to be uploaded on Facebook the next day..

giphy (14)


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