Martin Garrix releases ‘Forbidden Voices’ for Free!


Martin Garrix just hit a whooping 10 million likes on his Facebook page. As a way to express his love, he announced on 6th February through his Facebook page , that he had a gift in store for the fans on the next day. As the next day bloomed, he gifted his listeners his new track “Forbidden Voices”.

This video has many unseen footages of his performances across the globe and shirt videos from his personal life as well. It clearly shows his journey from a DJ playing at small nightclubs to an artist who has played at the largest of the arenas of the world.

The video begins with a footage of him playing as “DJ Marty” in his childhood at a small nightclub with a single discoball on his side.The video progresses as his life story with his joining Spinnin’ Records and subsequent developments. As the video depicts, we learn that he has being leading a life of a normal teenager but, with much extra fame and fan following. The video also shows him chilling with his friends and the listeners can totally relate their lives with what’s shown.

As the video approaches the end, Martin Garrix thanks all his followers to help him achieve the feat. The video was directed by Mark Loonen to whom, credits were given at the end.

Meanwhile, Martin Garrix also released his new symbol which is characteristic of the “t” in his first and “x” in the second names.

To sum up, this video clearly shows how hard work and dedication can take you to greater heights.

Watch the Video of “Forbidden Voices” right here:

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