The Solution to Dead Batteries at Gigs Ampy, is here!

Say I give you a pass to a Steve Aoki gig. You go, have a crazy time with your pals, and just when you’re about to come out, you see Steve himself posing for photos and autographs. You get lucky to be clicked with him, and just when your friend’s about to press the click, your phone blacks out. Battery Dead!!! That is the most dreaded moment anyone can ever come across. Helpless, dejected, angry, pathetic, all in one. And you can’t do anything about it. Well everybody, just chill out and relax! That battery drain won’t haunt you anymore, not when we have Ampy with us! 😀

Ampy is a portable charger for your mobile devices that works on kinetic energy. What that practically means, is that you can strap on Ampy to your arm or waist and dance till dawn, and Ampy will charge your mobile phone, thanks to the stored charge thats obtained by the knetic energy of your body. Bravo, isn’t it?

Created by three students pursuing PhDs from Northwestern University, Illinois, Ampy is the one stop shop to all your battery problems. Now you can record the DJ dropping the beat at the club, take the perfect ‘faces’ selfie with your besties, or boast about the awesome time you’re having at the concert on your Facebook status.

The Ampy smartphone app!


After winning countless awards for their innovation and remarkable concept, the Ampy team took to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to fund the production of their device. Setting themselves a target of $100,000 in October 9,2014,they shattered their own goal when achieved funding of a staggering $303,293 as of November 10, 2014. Says Ampy CEO Tejas Shastry,

As you move, your motion couples with the magnets inside Ampy’s inductors, producing electricity and recharging the internal lithium-ion battery. The more you move and the faster you move, the more energy you generate.

30 minutes of jogging or 1 hour of cycling can generate enough charge to power your phone or device upto 3 hours. So the next time you go to a gig, have Ampy on you, and along with your moves, just plug in Ampy to your phone, and your peace of mind is restored! You can pre-order Ampy at their website and go to Kickstarter to get your hands on it.

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