Dada Life Laptop reportedly Stolen, Thief Leaks Unreleased Tracks as Dada death


Dada Life apparently lost their laptop in the subway. The thief (Dada Death) taunts the duo on Facebook and leaks unreleased tracks.

Lose your laptop or mobile , and you know your in trouble. Add to the fact that you are famous and all the data on your device is what helps you make your living is even more scary. Electronic Dance Music is mainly produced on computers using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software, and most producers have all their precious synths and on-going projects on their computer hard drive


Well, Dada Life are no different. The duo lost their laptop recently in the Stockholm subway , and unfortunately for them, whoever found their laptop , surely knew how valuable the data in there was. They opened a Facebook page (titled Dada Death) and have decided to have some fun:


They have also started releasing their own versions of thier unreleased tracks.

A lot of fans feel that all this is just a marketing gimmick for their upcoming release. Stay Tuned for regular updates!

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Written by Ashvij Vaidya

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