5 EDM Videos that you ‘must’ watch !

The art of making EDM videos has always been quite bizarre and vague. Various elements such as the characters, the VFX and the impeccable editing to match with the tantalising music are the highlights of these videos. They have always been different, offbeat and down right bold. And that’s exactly why they stand out.


Along with the insanely catchy beats, some of these 5 minute videos are so bizarre and outrageously bold, that after watching the video you are so zonked out that you question yourself as to ‘what in the world did you just watch’ ? But boy, let me assure you that those 5 minutes will change your life forever. Trust me !

And when you think that life couldn’t get any more weird you end up watching another Skrillex video !

As most people say that creativity stems out from madness. That an idea only evolves into something greater than its own existence when there is a touch of craziness. And these videos are the roughest and the most natural example of that. Mostly underestimated and mocked at these videos are like an underdog, barking in its own radical glory.

As far as us EDM worshippers are concerned. WE FUCKING LOVE them.  So on that note here is a list of 5 EDM videos that are so daring and crazy that you can’t not like them.

5) Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice

If you like Christopher Walken and you haven’t seen this video. I don’t know what you’re doing with your life ! The man can fly.

4) Passion Pit – Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)

Whoever made this video is really sniffing some real shit. Yeah we all know what this video is about, but how dope does that look!

3) First Of The Year (Equinox) – Skrillex

Potential pedophile gets slayed by badass kid with telekinesis. Along with Skrillex in the background dominating the dubstep scene. What’s not to like ?

2) DJ Snake, Lil Jon – Turn Down for What

We all knew this was coming. This video is so scarring and feels like it has slipped right out of someone’s bizarre fetish fantasy. After watching the video I asked myself  “Did that just happen?”  also “how is this not a flagged in our country” But its so crazy and catchy that it works ! Don’t know how? Go watch and find out yourself.


1) Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Nicktim)

Sure Avicii’s ‘Levels’ is the perfect fit for the number one spot here. But this video speaks volumes. It gives out such a great and powerful message about loving yourself and living your life to the fullest, it had to be number one. And ofcourse, the girl in the video is the BOSS !

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