Exclusive Interview with Dillon Francis

dillon francis interview
Just after Dillon Francis finished his amazing set at VH1 Supersonic, we managed to catch up with Dillon for an exclusive interview. For all those who don’t know Dillon; well he’s a versatile DJ who specializes in an insane spectrum of EDM music from Moombahton to Prog House. Francis has also been labeled by MTV as an artist to watch out for, having already collaborated with Diplo, Flux Pavilion. Martin Garrix, Example amongst others. He is also part of the comedy production duo Meowski666 along with  Kill The Noise which explains a lot about his crazy sense of humor. He gracefully agreed to be confronted with some pretty intense and personal questions after an insane tiring set! 



EDMofy Team:  You alternate between Hip-Hop and EDM, How did the crowd respond to that here in India?
Dillon Francis: They responded well. I definitely think they wanted more 128 BPM than usual,but the thing is like I wouldn’t wanna fake what I do when I come back here.That’s why I played everything so that the next time when I do come back here, the person that’s gonna come and see me is going to be like ‘I remember that set last time!’ and I’m gonna hear everything and be happy with it’.


Always ready with a witty reply!
Always ready with a witty reply @backstage!


EDMofy Team:  We noticed a middle finger and a sad smiley on the visuals when you dropped “Animals”. What was the logic behind that? 😛
Dillon Francis– Did anybody get mad at that? *Chuckles in the room for quite a while!* India is like one of the most spiritual places ever, so I got a little scared. I was literally scared that it would make me feel like “Fuck this guy!” and it would be ironic cause then there’d be like “Fuck that guy!” and it would be a full circle thing.

Dillon Francis Middle Finger to Martin Garrix Animals


The serious side of Dillon
The serious side of Dillon at Vh1 Supersonic 2014

EDMofy Team: What are the highlights of your 2014?

Dillon Francis: Definitely coming here.This is probably the coolest thing ever because my dad’s into yoga and he’s been studying Brahmanda yojana since I was born.It’s crazy to be in the place that he’s always wanted to be in.When he was leaving, I used to be like ‘Can I just go with you?’.So it’s always cool to be in the place that my dad brought me up on.


EDMofy Team: How was your experience at Vh1 Supersonic Goa 2014?
Dillon Francis: -Amazing! I mean the fact that there are people out here who know my music makes me so happy.That’s like crazy! Thank you for coming to the festival.It’s so cool that I actually have a fan base here.

We then recommended Dillon to try out the butter chicken and  cafreal to which he wittily replied “I’m gonna go-a to it”


Written by Mevlon Teles

Mevlon is a dual degree graduate from BITS Pilani who loves writing about & listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

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