Zedd’s Moment Of Clarity (Documentary)


”It all started with a moment of clarity.”

There are very few people in the industry who have tasted a success similar to Zedd. From winning a Grammy to playing a sold out World Tour to collaborations with top pop stars like Lady Gaga, to getting deaf in an ear, he has done it all. We are all familiar with his story in front of the stage, but the real backstage story was a mystery. To solve that,  Anton Zaslavski aka Zedd recently released his documentary, the Moment Of Clarity on Vevo.

Anton Zaslavski, aka ZEDD
Anton Zaslavski, aka ZEDD

The mini documentary follows his creative and hectic life behind the stage during his World Tour of the same name as his documentary. Filmed over a course of one year, it shows the process of the concert production and also showcases the lifestyle of the superstar DJ. The making of  Zedd’sStay The Night‘, a collaboration with Paramore vocalist Haley Williams is shown in bits, including a scene where he realizes that his new single has been leaked. The documentary includes cameos from people from the EDM family ranging from Skrillex, deadmau5 et al.

Be sure to check this awesome documentary below and also be alerted, as Zedd has already announced that he has been working on his new album and will be releasing it in 2015.

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