Deadmau5 stuns the world with his electrifying Supercar



Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a Deadmau5, has now bought another sweet, sassy ride, and it’s not just any car you’ll come across. Deadmau5 now owns the iconic BAC Mono.



Fetching over a whopping £185,000, the BAC Mono is nothing short of an F-22 raptor for the roads. Designed and built by Briggs Automotive Company based in Liverpool, UK, the BAC Mono is a floating light, high performance piece of art that lets you indulge in sheer racing pleasure, thanks to the open air cockpit and the single seater concept built into this carbon fiber ghost. With the company’s policy of producing only 50 of these cars in a year, and a minimum of one year waiting period, Deadmau5 now joins the high-profile list of individuals getting their hands on the BAC Mono.
And that’s not all. The world renowned DJ, with Ferrari racecar driver Josh Cartu, made his way to the BAC’s state-of-the-art facility in Liverpool, for a private race test ahead of his weekend performance at Creamfields, a dance music festival in Daresbury, UK.

Oliver Webb, drive team leader at Briggs Automotive Company, said,” He started following me on Twitter. Then he bought a BAC Mono and tried it up here in Liverpool, when he visited our factory.
“He’s staying over at mine and we’re heading down to Silverstone to do a track day, then on to Car-Fest South, an event for Children in Need.”
“He’s doing a bit of travelling. From London to come up here, then down to Silverstone, then Basingstoke, then Creamfields, then the South West Four festival!”
Known for his expensive hobby of automobiles, this is not the first time the Canadian based DJ has splurged on high-end supercars. Deadmau5 had first made headlines when he got himself a Ferrari 458, naming it the Purrari.




Deadmau5 with his exquisite finish on the Ferrari 458


But with the whole issue drifting into rough waters, with the officials at Ferrari not to happy with the artists’s rendering of the supercar and the modifications done to it, he finally had to give in to a cease-and-desist letter from the people at Ferrari. But not before long, Deadmau5 was back smiling again, and why wouldn’t he be! Sensing the tough situation, Nissan played a masterstroke, offering the DJ a brand new Nissan GTR with a Nyan cat wrap, identcal to the one on the Purrari.



The McLaren 650S was the most recent addition to Deadmau5’s sparkling garage, with the artist-producer showing off his new ride at the Toronto nightclub Cube. With the Ferrrai 458 costing at around £152,500 and the McLaren priced at about £169,600, the BAC Mono undoubtedly earns the title of the most expensive car owned by Deadmau5.




But stay tuned, you’ll soon be getting another piece of this car cake. We reckon it won’t be long before the DJ calls a new arrival to his garage!

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