Five artists to look out for at Vh1 Supersonic 2014!

In this feature, we focus on the artists visiting Goa for the first time. We’ve heard so much about these artists, it was about time they did the inevitable; rock the shores of Goa, where EDMofy is Headquartered!

In our opinion, these artists are the next big thing in EDM(of course not big room :P)

Top five artists to watch out for at

Vh1 Supersonic 2014:

1. Mat Zo

This whole genres business is like the Berlin wall,and I’m there with a forklift and a wrecking ball” (-hitler ) -Mat Zo

Mat Zo a.k.a Matan Zohar is the new face of EDM’s ever progressing and genre encompassing revolution. As a kid, he was both, a drummer as well as a bassist for a jazz and a rock band respectively. Every track of his is unique in the sense that, when viewed through the lens of the sub-genre lover, it falls into practically every sub-genre out there! As they say, beauty does indeed lie in the eye of the beholder! His initial career kickstarted with some amazing trance tracks like The LostThe FoundReboundThe Sky,etc in his debut album. Over time, his music has evolved to such an extent that it has become impossible to sub-categorize it!
The icing on the cake has to be his Grammy nomination this year!


2. Bobina


If you consider yourself a true trance fan, Dmitry Almazov (Bobina) is one artist you definitely should’ve heard of. Apart from this, he also hosts his weekly radio show “Russia Goes Clubbing“. He also was the first Russian artist to have participated in Trance Energy. His tracks are also a regular feature on ASOT. You should check out his latest album ‘Same Difference‘ to get a taste of what to expect this December!



3. Gareth Emery


From Southampton,England, he belongs to the elite class of English DJ’s to have featured in Trance Energy. He also runs the most consistent labels of trance,’5 A.M‘ and more recently, ‘Garuda‘.Emery has a distinctive production style that has been described as a fusion of trance, house and progressive, and is described by Emery himself as ‘simples‘. A must listen-to track is ‘Concrete Angel‘ ft Christina Novelli which was ASOT‘s top track of 2012.


4. Eli & Fur


Having featured on ABGT’s guest playlist recently, this group has been making huge inroads.Their music can be classified as deep/funk house.Eli & Fur, both 23, have been making music together since college.Living in London and friends since the age of 16,their sets are influenced by a wide range of electronic club music, from old school Chicago classics to contemporary house and tech house.A must check-out indeed!



5. Kid Creme



Kid Crème is a man on a mission.A music all-rounder, he’s done practically everything from learning to spin Hip-Hop and studying music theory & classic piano to setting up his own home studio inspired by the London hardcore break beat scene. For all the techno lovers out there, you now know who to watch out for!

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Written by Mevlon Teles

Mevlon is a dual degree graduate from BITS Pilani who loves writing about & listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

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