What makes Vh1 Supersonic Goa so special?

So you probably had a good time with your friends at the club over the weekend, booze, good music and all, now imagine the same thing on a scale almost 100 times larger. You’re not in a club, you’re on a beach, you aren’t listen to the contracted club DJ, you’re listening to an EDM mega-star, and the booze, that just adds to the good vibes and is more of an after-thought! Ladies and Gentlemen, we just told you what Vh1 Supersonic Goa is going to be like. You should experience it, and if you aren’t going to, read this piece and get convinced or get jealous. There really is no other way to go.

Here is what we feel makes Vh1 Supersonic Goa 2014 so special:

Tony McGuiness of Above and Beyond

1. The Location:

Goa, the one state everyone in our country wants to visit, the party capital of India is the home of Vh1 Supersonic, and for good reason, this festival isn’t just about one particular thing (like the music, or the hot bodies, or the location), it’s everything rolled up into one, you really won’t miss out on anything when you sip a beer along the shoreline of Candolim Beach, and there’s hardly any festival that happens on a beach, all the more reason not to miss this one.

2. The Good Vibes:

You may have come here alone, or with a few friends, but you sure won’t leave that way, Vh1 Supersonic’s intimate yet grand setting gives you room to find your people, make friends, make more friends and have a blast. There’s going to be plenty of people here to lift you on their shoulders or just click pictures with you, you might not even know their name, but they’ll be in your memory for a lifetime, and that’s the magic of EDM.


3. The Artists:

Obviously, you saw this one coming, boasting of HUGE artists like Dillon Francis, Above and Beyond, Mark Knight, and Sick Individuals and the like, Vh1 Supersonic is no joke, they literally are going supersonic. Vh1 Supersonic has done a great job of adding versatility to the lineup, you have trance, house, deep house, basically every genre that can be thought of, and that’s a good thing because you as a fan will be going on a musical journey, not just through 8 bars of drops, but 8 different genres!

hard rock

Secondly, as a general rule, these artists are the genuinely nice, non button pushing DJs, so you won’t be complaining about how bad or full of attitude a DJ is, nothing of that sort here!

Vh1 Supersonic Goa 2014 Full Line up
Read more about what we have to say about the Full Line up here.

4. The Intimacy:

You’ll find talent, but you won’t find the “Top 10 DJs of the world” or someone from those categories playing here, and that is why this event is for the true lover of dance music, there’s hardly a chance of finding a bandwagoner here who knows only of Spaceman or Mammoth. And that is also why the happiness quotient here is likely to be superhigh, everyone loves the music, everyone loves each other, no judging, everyone wins.


5. And that brings us to PLUR or the whole concept of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect:

EDM is the thing that’s uniting us when the world is in a crisis every second day. The DJs push the buttons of happiness only to make us forget of our pain and escape time. No wonder that such festivals might be loud, but at a different levels of Peace. Love is in the air too, because when the setting is so liberal, sparks are bound to fly 😉


We’re really keen on going Supersonic this December, and living it up. We hope to see you there because it is going to be loud, energetic, bright and all round crazy!

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