United We Dance: Ultra 2014 AfterMovie

Ultra has been a pioneer of dance music festivals, it’s known for it’s environment and for the fact that they release their aftermovies painfully late, but that just goes to show that patience is a virtue.

The sixteenth edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami was held on March 28th, 29th and 30th of this year. Speaking from experience, it was the best experience of my life, and I finally get to share what it was like with you all, thanks to the aftermovie!
Ultra is known for it’s new-age stage set-up, long list of DJs headlining the mainstage and over and above all, Ultra is known for releasing their aftermovie painfully, annoyingly late.

There was no difference in the case this time, it took around 6 months for the aftermovie to come out, I was patiently waiting and I knew it won’t disappoint. This Ultra aftermovie is the most unique ever, it doesn’t have endless tracks playing and semi-naked people dancing everywhere, this Ultra aftermovie is here to send out a message of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. #PLUR

Typically, we expect aftermovies to be the “advertisers” of these festivals, filling the screen with the landscape, pyro, beautiful people and what not. Ultra does the same, but it is remarkably different and intense, it a moment where you can feel the “bond” between you and the DJ through their music. The aftermovie has bits and pieces of this, capturing the thrilling environment, but what’s different is that the DJs (Armin Van Buuren, Krewella, Martin Garrix) talk about their experiences, and share their thoughts on music, the environment and what it feels like to be privileged enough to play for so many people on a large scale festival that Ultra happens to be. It seems heartfelt and deserves a watch, maybe you’ll be inspired to visit UMF and witness that moment of happiness that I did!

This is about U and me, United we dance, only at Ultra.

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