Nicky Romero & Vicetone ft. When We Are Wild: Let Me Feel

Behold, the track of the year! Nicky Romero teams up with Vicetone and When We Are Wild to deliver the most beautiful song of the year: “Let Me Feel”

When it comes to versatility in the EDM world, there’s only a few names that deliver. Everyone tries being different but only a few make the cut, other than Knife Party, the only person who we can think of is, Nicky Romero of course!

Nicky Romero, Vicetone and When We Are Wild have teamed up to make a cheesy-romantic love song, with poetic lyrics and a “butterflies-in-your-stomach” melody that is bound to win them some female fans, and put them on top of the Beatport charts. Here at EDMofy, we’re not particularly fond of such cheesy, mushiness but this one just won us over. This one was first heard at UMF 2014, and has finally surfaced again, the wait is over, this one is going to be out on October 6th.

Nicky Romero has been around for quite some time, Vicetone too, they’ve been active but not as popularly as you’d expect, When We Are Wild on the contrary, are unheard of, which is why we can’t wait for this collaboration to come out in it’s entirety.

The progressive house people will certainly rejoice, this is an unconventional track. No, it isn’t a “banger”, it’s a song that’ll give you “them feels”. With empowering, but not intense synths running the top and a spiraling trance-y bassline, this is the mellow track to your nightlife, or the track that brings you closer to your partner, or the track that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling that a blanket can’t give you on a cold winter night.

We do have a slight objection with a particular part of the vocals, mainly because we feel this part is frivolous, “Without a heart and soul we don’t exist; no we don’t exist” …. umm, thanks guys, like we didn’t know, but that too seems like a small problem because the vocals will put you in a state of trance. According to us, the melody must be the fruit of Vicetone’s creative juices, it sounds a lot like their melodies from Chasing Stars, and Bulletproof, and with Nicky Romero’s technique and percussions, it sounds GOD-LIKE!

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